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Jan Konijnenberg


Around 6 years I have worked very successfully with Frank to improve service and cost in the commercial supply chain of Consumer Lifestyle/Personal Health @Philips. I’ve experienced Frank as a great leader, who takes a business perspective beyond his (functional) responsibilities. He was instrumental to drive innovation with our supply partners and stepped up in crisis to bring different points of view together. He is capable to really make a difference.

Paul van der Sanden

Liberty Global

Frank has been part of my management team when I was CEO of Philips General Purchasing. Next to delivering high performance with his teams, he also successfully lead some large and innovative projects with big impact accross Philips. Giving demand management in indirect spend a big boost, leading the procurement transformation function and leading the supply chain crisis team following the Fukushima nucleair disaster in Japan are a few examples.

If I summarize, I see Frank as a reliable leader, building strong high performing teams and always looking for the next frontier.

Przemyslaw Rainczuk


I have had the pleasure working with Frank at Philips Procurement for multiple years and personally witness his many accomplishments. He is a leader of true character with a passion for performance.

Reinout de Schepper


I had the major fortune of starting off my career with Frank as my coach. I’ve always greatly admired Frank, not only for the inspiring leader he is, not only for his impeccable track-record of delivering results, but mostly for the way he achieves his results.

The world could be coming to an end, his ‘ship’ could be on the verge of hitting an iceberg of Titanic proportions, Frank would always remain his calm, rational & analytical self, focussed on which impactful actions to take in order to get back on course.

Frank has left no stakeholder, team member nor coachee behind without a positive impact. Stakeholders sense their needs are taken into account and their perspectives are truly heard. His team members are supported in their personal development and feel empowered and backed up at all times. Coachees greatly benefit from his content knowledge, problem solving skills & career advice.

To all readers: I can only hope you get to share in my good fortune by having Frank in your network as your colleague, leader or mentor.

Ranjit Kamat


Frank Dingen has been one of the best business leaders I have had the fortune of working with.

I say this after having worked with 100s of business leaders (board members, CXOs and 1-2 levels lower) across a wide range of industries.

I worked with Frank for 1.5 years while I was serving Philips on the topic of indirect procurement. He was one of the key project sponsors.

I found that:

(1) He ALWAYS was objective and logical. Never ever had the “not invented here” mindset always welcoming of new ideas

(2) Very CREARIVE in coming up with solutions to complex trade-offs

(3) Strong PEOPLE person – his team was one of the most motivated and happy bunch of people within that organization. He was very fair to his team

(4) He carried an unbelievably inspiring and fun ENERGY in worst of times (e.g., a memorable occasion when despite being in terrible health, he was highly productive)

(5) Used process wisely – never circumvented the process, but I have never seen him get delayed or stopped by the bureaucracy

(6) Always open to new CHALLENGES (e.g., while taking over some new functions that he had no experience with)

So I repeat: Of the 100s of leaders I have had the opportunity to work with, I would rate Frank within the handful of the best. Any organization would be very lucky to have him in their team.

Princen Marion


In the many years of working with Frank @ Philips I have experience him as a top performer. He is a strategic thinker driving for results, excellence and innovation and a very inspirational manager, firm and fair with great coaching skills. Someone that gets things done and a person people really enjoy working with.

Bartosz Budzweski


Frank is exceptional person and great leader. We’ve worked together for couple of years and I always find Frank inspirational leader with great strategy mindset. In rapid environment and goal-oriented times, Frank always cares about people first. Builds strong team, investing his time to coach & mentor individuals so that they grow professionals or leaders. Frank’s teams were not only outperforming on results but also building a brand of Procurement as mature, innovative organization of future.

Thanks Frank for amazing years in Philips and hope our paths will cross again in future!

Monique Kammerman

Robert Half

Frank is an excellent manager, with strong analytical skills and understanding of the business. He is persistent and goal oriented and knows how to make others move to reach his objectives. A knowledgeable and pragmatic leader, someone who knows to get people feel good about themselves and therefore perform optimal within their capabilities. His good sense of humor and communication skills make him an inspiring colleague to work with as well as a valuable asset to each organization. It was a pleasure working with him!