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The world around us changes at increased speed. It brings new challenges for professionals as well as for their businesses. It requires more and different ways of collaboration. In this context Perform & Transform Advisory embraces the philosophy that “doing what you did, will get you what you got”.  This means that individuals, teams and organizations need to keep developping themselves to grow and stay relevant. Delivering high impact in this ever changing environment puts higher demands on collaboration, inside and outside of your organization. This is where Perform & Transform can contribute with business perspectives and a human centric approach, considering engagement and motivation as key to success.

Extended Network

Perform & Transform taps in to an extended partner network for large assignments that require extended capacity and/or diverse capabilities. 

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About Frank Dingen

As an executive business leader, Frank has build a wide experience in leading people, teams and organizations, to successfully perform and transform. His roles in Procurement, Supply Chain and Sales exposed him to a variety of challenges, where he had to overcome resistance and build coalitions through collaboration. He had the opportunity to do this with a network of stakeholders throughout different geographies and industries. This helped him to experience the importance of diversity and inclusion in teams and the positive impact it brings to business outcomes. As a consequence he learned how to develop successful global teams, as well as how to support growth of individuals in and around the team.

All with keeping in mind that


Services & Competences


  • Leadership/Team Leadership: focused on your role as a teamleader.
  • Career Coaching: focused on next steps in your career.
  • Personal Development: focused on opportunities to excel.

Interim Management

  • Team Performance: getting teams to enjoy next level performance
  • Transformation: getting transformation back to performance.
  • Procurement: focusing on strategic activities to enhance the function (innovation/sustainability/negotiation/operating model)
  • Supply Chain: focusing on supply chain optimization and sustainable logistics.

Board advisory

  • Advisory Board: focused on offering innovative advice on strategic themes and offering dynamic perspectives
  • Board of Directors: Focused on supervising an organization

Extended network

  • Perform & Transform taps in to an extended partner network for large assignments that require extended capacity and/or diverse capabilities.


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